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Pleasant Paradise's Harper


is an AKC registered Irish Setter who joined our canine family in the Summer of 2019. She has not had puppies yet, but likely will have within the next year. Harper has a lot of energy and loves to explore the woods and pastures on the farm chasing birds and small critter. If she isn't exploring or playing you can find her resting on the front porch and then as soon as I step on the porch she is off and running seemingly beckoning me to go exploring with her. She is fond of physical attention, soaking up all the stroking and petting she gets. She enjoys being with my younger siblings. Her beautiful red coat really makes her stand out. She is a Field Setter meaning that she was specifically bred to hunt. Field Setters are smaller than the Standard Setter. Being a smaller adult means that her puppies will be a bit smaller than puppies from a standard Irish Setter.

Standard Irishdoodles will likely be in the 40-50 lb range,

and mini Irishdoodles will likely be in the 20-30 lb range. 

Lady Annie Oakley


is a registered AKC Standard Irish Setter. She has the long flowing hair that you were to find on your typical Irish Setter. She joined our family in December of 2021 as an 8 week old puppy. 

She really loves to be wherever the action is happening, whether it's taking a car ride, or summer swims in our pond. Unlike any of our other dogs, she actually swims with us. She thoroughly enjoys the water! She does really well with all the other farm animals here on our farm. 

Oakley's puppies will generally have longer coats than Harper's and Apple's puppies have. 

These puppies will also likely be on the larger side, as Oakley is a standard Irish Setter.

Of course, the size of the sire plays a role in that as well. 

Oakley is approximately 65 lbs. We are very excited to see her first puppies

as she will be a first-time momma soon!



Here is Apple. Apple is a purebred Irish Setter (40 lb). She joined our family in the beginning of 2020. She was a friend's dog who for certain reasons was not able to keep her at the time. 

Apple is picky with whom she trusts. She had a very timid spirit when we first got her. I have been winning her over to my side with time. When I first met her she did not seem to trust me and now with some patience and time she comes up to me and feels safe beside me. She really enjoys all the space on the farm! She is quite a hunter and loves exploring all the crazy corners found on our farm. She goes places we didn't know a dog would go :). Apple has a very gentle spirit around people and other dogs. Apple birthed a litter of puppies just recently, contact us if you are interested.

The Puppies...

Our puppies are F1 Irish Doodles which are absolutely adorable. They have beautiful red coats. The curliness of the coats can really depend on the parents. For instance, our shorter haired field setters sometimes have litters where some of the pups take after the Irish Setter and others take after the poodle. The ones that take after the Irish Setter have a shorter, straighter coat that sheds like a normal dog. The ones that take after the Poodle have a longer, curlier coat that is not as likely to shed as much.

We have also noticed that the parent they take after plays a large role in their temperament.

The ones that take after the Setter have more energy and are more of a go-getter. The ones that take after the Poodle definitely usually inherit a more calm demeanor.

While all puppies will be puppies, that is an interesting

observation that we have seen multiple times.

 These puppies are raised in a family atmosphere where they have lots of interaction with people, especially with my younger siblings.

All of Paradise Irish Doodles' puppies are vet-checked and up-to-date on vaccinations and dewormings. 

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