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First things first, make sure you have subscribed to our mailing list where you will receive important updates such as when we have available puppies. 

Currently we are not receiving any deposits until there is a confirmed pregnancy. When a pregnancy is confirmed our subscribers will receive an email with the confirmation of the pregnancy. At that point those who are for sure interested in a puppy will have the opportunity to fill out a form and submit a deposit which will give you a spot in the litter. 

In the event of not having enough puppies for everyone who submitted a deposit, those individuals can either hold their spot in line for a future litter or can choose to withdraw their name from the wait list (the deposit will be refunded as well).

At this point Jacob will be in contact with every individual or family that submitted a deposit. Jacob will then give you instructions with what to do next and what you can expect.

You have a couple options when it comes to receiving your puppy. Listed below are your options...

1. You come to Paradise Irish Doodles' location to pick up your puppy in person. (Our most preferred method) 

2. We ship the puppy to you via airlift. In this option the customer is responsible for all fees involved in airlifting the puppy.

3. We personally deliver the puppy to you. Your location must be within 150 miles of Paradise Irish Doodles for this option. The cost of delivering the puppy with this option will be discussed with the customer.

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